Nick: I had a really funny, well I thought it was funny, idea for the cruise for one of the party nights, what if we… (Nick exhales in laughter)

Howie: It’s not even said yet. You don’t have to start laughing. Tell it first, then laugh.

Nick. What if we did- we called it drag night.

Howie: Whoa, not funny.

Nick: So basically what we do, all the girls dress up as guys and the guys dress up as girls. So you’d call it drag night. It’d be funny. Like with “Just Want You To Know”, I mean, it’s frickin’ one chromosome away from it.

Howie: Yeah, that was the tightest spandex I’ve ever worn in my life.

Nick: It was. See, AJ would love it, because I think AJ thinks he’s a girl. [x]

seriously drag night needs to fucking happen